NBA - 'An automatic 50 games suspension' : nightmare without end for Ja Morant.

NBA - 'An automatic 50 games suspension' : nightmare without end for Ja Morant.

Temporarily sidelined by the league, Ja Morant is still waiting to know his final fate following the recent scandal he triggered. His antics with a firearm could cost him a lot of money according to a well-informed US insider!

If they still cling to the 2nd place in the West, the Grizzlies (38-25) didn't need this at all at the end of the season. While the battle rages within the conference, the franchise deplores a notable absence, namely Ja Morant. The star point guard is not suffering from any injury and is in fact paying for his sulfurous behavior, which has led to his team's demise.

Already the subject of several serious accusations on the judicial level, Morant has aggravated his case recently. On the sidelines of the last trip to Denver, he was filmed carrying a gun, and has since made the front page for this huge incident. Suspended provisionally for two games by the NBA, he actually faces a much more significant punishment, whose contours are beginning to clarify within the league.

The inevitable end of the season for Ja Morant?

While he was in a nightclub at the time of displaying his weapon, Morant may have taken it to other prohibited locations. For example, it could have been on the plane that Memphis used to fly to Colorado. However, if this scenario were to be confirmed, the former Rookie of the Year would risk not only a heavy prison sentence but also a big sanction from the NBA according to Marc Stein :

So it would be better for Ja if he didn't carry the gun on the Grizz flight, or risk having his season abruptly ended because of it.

If it turns out that he did, the two-time All-Star would receive a sentence similar to that of Gilbert Arenas in 2010 for similar offenses. Only two players have already served a larger sentence in history, none other than the hotheads Ron Artest and Latrell Sprewell. A sad podium, which could therefore see a new prestigious name climb it soon!

On the verge of serving his second game of the suspension, Ja Morant would not be at the end of his sentence according to Marc Stein. Indeed, if he has indeed taken his weapon with him to Denver, the league should not be lenient toward him!

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