NBA - Shocking quote: 'Ja Morant? He's immature, no black man should support him'.

NBA - Shocking quote: 'Ja Morant? He's immature, no black man should support him'.

It's not only Ja Morant's career that is in great danger after his multiple cracks, his image has also seriously suffered. According to a former player, all African-Americans should give up on him. That's tough.

It was impossible to predict such a descent into hell for Ja Morant, who had been successful since his debut with the Grizzlies. But in the space of a few weeks, the superstar was literally ejected from the league by multiplying the extra-sportive antics. The NBA could suspend him from nearly a hundred games and worse, his passion for firearms has attracted the attention of the police ...

This is obviously catastrophic for the reputation of the player, but some see much further than the orange ball because of his status as an NBA star, he theoretically represents a model for countless Americans.

Royce White, himself a veteran of the big league, has been settling accounts with the reigning PIM with unprecedented violence lately. The speech is as brutal as it is lucid.

Ja Morant, a bad example for African-Americans to follow?

Ja Morant's attitude is not new in the African-American community, but the fact that a star like him acts publicly like this is catastrophic according to Royce White. The Grizzlies point guard would not be entitled to any support from his compatriots.

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