What did Hande Erçel stipulate to Hakan Sabancı?

What did Hande Erçel stipulate to Hakan Sabancı?

"I wake up every morning with another piece of news, there is no one in my life. Don't pull me into your dream world" Hande Erçel, who denied that she was in love with Hakan Sabancı, was recently seen hand in hand with her new boyfriend.

Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabancı, who had a romantic vacation in Paris, no longer hide their relationship. Sayfa 2 made a bomb claim about the duo's love. Gülşen Salt, one of the presenters of Sayfa 2, said the following: "Hakan Sabancı ran after Hande Erçel for months.

He enters the environments she goes to, and sends messages to Hande from her circle of friends. It was not easy for him to convince Hande Erçel.

At the point where Hande said 'There is no one in my life', something new started, but Hande was not very sure about Hakan.

She put her conditions on the table... She said, 'I don't have such secret relationships'. As you know, playboys usually run away from the reception doors."

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