Can Yaman 'assaulted' in a nightclub: a fan starts groping him, and he freaks out (Video)

Can Yaman 'assaulted' in a nightclub: a fan starts groping him, and he freaks out (Video)

Can Yaman continues to be one of the leading faces in Italy, well-loved by his fans as evidenced also by the crowded bath that took place this weekend in Ragusa.

A fan 'gropes' Can Yaman in a nightclub, he freaks out (Video)

The Turkish actor was the protagonist of an evening at a nightclub and, at one point, found himself having to deal with a crowd that literally "assaulted" him, to the point that a fan even started groping him, as evidenced by the images that were posted on social media.

Turkish actor Can Yaman 'assaulted' by fans at a nightclub in Dubrovnik

In detail, Can Yaman has been back in Italy for some time now to carry out a charity project related to young people, and this weekend he was also the protagonist of a night at the nightclub.

A fan 'gropes' Can Yaman in a nightclub, he freaks out (Video)

This is witnessed by the pictures that the Turkish actor himself posted on his official Instagram profile, where we witness the crowded bath that greeted him upon his arrival at the nightclub.

A great success for the protagonist of the fiction Viola come il mare who, however, also had to deal with a few too many 'gropes' from a fan.

A fan 'gropes' Can Yaman in a nightclub, and he freaks out (Video)

In the social footage, it can be seen that, at one point, a fan begins to vehemently touch the Turkish actor's body.

The fan's hand almost goes to the inside of Can Yaman's shirt who, at first, reacts strangely, then hints at a shy smile and carries on with his night at the nightclub, continuing to sign copies of his book.

After all, this is not the first time that the Turkish actor has been confronted with far too warm displays of affection from his fans.

Some time ago, for example, Can found himself forced to post a social message in which he asked his female admirers to be respectful of his space and not to be found crowded in front of his house at any time of the day or night.

Filming of Viola come il mare 2 with Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi kicks off.

Meanwhile, after the great success of the first season of Viola come il mare, Can Yaman is preparing to return again to Sicily to kick off filming for the second season of this highly successful drama.

In May, in fact, the clapperboard for the new episodes is scheduled to take place, starring Can as Inspector Francesco Demir, who will be the real protagonist of this second chapter.

Also returning by his side will be actress Francesca Chillemi, who has just returned from her good success this year with the seventh season of Che Dio ci aiuti, the Rai 1 TV series where she took the place of Elena Sofia Ricci, becoming the new leading lady.

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