Can Yaman, his secrets to a statuesque physique: how he stays in shape

Can Yaman, his secrets to a statuesque physique: how he stays in shape

Can Yaman is an actor with planetary success, beloved all over the world. Many people over the years have wondered how he always stays in shape with a statuesque physique. Now he reveals his secrets.

Can Yaman is a globally successful actor, beloved by Italians and his fans all over the world. The Turkish star never stops: he is currently touring around Italy with his charity initiative "Break the Wall Tour." There are many who wonder how the actor always keeps in shape with a statuesque physique.

Can Yaman, all the secrets to a sculpted physique

In recent months Can Yaman has been busy with the filming of the new series that will air on Disney Plus' international platform, El Turco. 

For the role of the Ottoman Empire soldier Balaban Agha, the Turkish star has faced several trials. First of all, he moved to Hungary, to Budapest, for a full 7 months to shoot the show. 

Moreover, to prepare himself in the best possible way for the difficult role, he had to go through very difficult horseback and hand-to-hand combat training.

But what is the 33-year-old sex symbol's secret to keeping his fitness always perfect? The main credit for this is the healthy diet and lots of sports: to get such a sculpted physique, a balanced diet regimen was necessary. In addition, the Turkish star has practiced martial arts, boxing, and CrossFit for years and follows a muscle training and conditioning program.

In an interview with Men's Health Monthly, the Turkish star talked about his eating habits. In addition to a balanced consumption of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, Can Yaman eats healthy foods such as lean meats and vegetables, to which he adds spices of all kinds. 

To strengthen his immune system, however, his diet cannot be without garlic, magnesium, red ginseng, and omega 3. As a fan of eggs and artichokes, however, he does not give up eating them whenever he feels like it.

Among the actor's favorite "guilty pleasures" are pancakes with oatmeal, bananas, and nuts. To keep himself properly hydrated, he also drinks two liters of water a day. The Turkish star of several successful dramas is also very involved in social work. 

Through his association Can Yaman for Children, he launched the "Break the Wall Tour," the charity project designed to help young people overcome their mental problems. Since last March 9, he has been touring Italy precisely to meet the children together with a team of experts.

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