Do you know which great love of Can Yaman this baby grew up to be?

Do you know which great love of Can Yaman this baby grew up to be?

Today, Turkish actors captivate us both in the episodes of the series they participate in and in their respective lives. When we saw this little face, we remembered that many years later, she ended up stealing the heart of the protagonist of 'Viola come il mare'. Can you guess who this little girl is who grew up to be Can Yaman's love?

When we look at pictures from the past of our idols, it's hard to recognize them. Just look at the images we showed you some time ago of young Can Yaman: it was hard to discover his true identity, wasn't it? Well, today it's the turn of a woman who was once Can Yaman's love and who looked like this as a baby:

Can Yaman's former love already had a passport at such a young age

It turns out that this image is from her passport, and we wondered: how could a baby have such a small passport? Well, yes, she could have been traveling since she was born because her parents loved to do it, but that was not the case. The girl who became Can Yaman's love as an adult, emigrated to Germany with her family. Later, when her parents divorced, she returned to Turkey. If this clue is not enough, we'll give you the definitive one: she has also just gotten divorced.

Indeed, Can Yaman's former love as a baby is Demet Özdemir.

The reason why she uploaded her baby photo to her Instagram account

To give you an idea, when Demet took that photo, Can Yaman, who has been with her for just over two years, looked something like this:

And why did Demet upload her passport photo to Instagram? Well, because on April 21st it was National Sovereignty and Children's Day in Turkey, and numerous celebs from that country commemorated that day by remembering what they looked like as children. We wonder if, now that she has ended her relationship with Oguzhan Koç, she still thinks of Can Yaman as what could have been but wasn't. Can you imagine if they get back together?

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