Hande Erçel, once again attacked on social media for this reason

Hande Erçel, once again attacked on social media for this reason

"Have you lost more weight? You'll end up looking like a skeleton." "She's beautiful, but she's very thin." "Excess is bad, whether it's overweight or underweight." "She looked better before." "Why are you so thin? Your bones are showing!" These are just some of the recent criticisms of Hande Erçel.

The criticisms of Hande Erçel have resurfaced during her recent trip to Italy

As you may already know, she has gone again with her boyfriend, Hakan Sabanci, to visit another European country. This time, Italy. They have been, in fact, in Tuscany, very close to where Can Yaman lives, although he is also back and forth (did they see each other?). Well, she has posted several photos in which she is simply gorgeous, as always, and Instagram users have criticized her for being too thin.

Hande must be tired of being criticized, whether it's for her supposed excess weight or for being too thin. Someone who has such an exposed public image and sees herself being criticized every other day necessarily suffers, no matter how perfect her life may seem. To make matters worse, she is currently devastated by the recent loss of her paternal grandfather and had to return home earlier than planned.

The most plausible theory about her weight loss

We told you some months ago that Hande was undergoing a dangerous diet that was causing her to lose weight, but why was she doing it if she looked great? Some people, upon seeing her new appearance (she is even thinner than last fall), venture to say that it is because of the filming of her new series, in which she will play a mermaid. Is it her decision or that of the platform that will release this project? Either way, all we want is for her to be well.

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