A statement from Selin Ciğerci about Kadir Doğulu!

A statement from Selin Ciğerci about Kadir Doğulu!

The couple Neslihan Atagül and Kadir Doğulu, who became famous in a short time with the series they starred in, sat at the wedding table with a magnificent wedding in 2016. A claim was made about the couple who lived their marriage away from the eyes. Images of Kadir Doğulu hugging other women in the entertainment venue he went to emerge.

It was claimed that Doğulu has been with a woman with the initial "S" for a long time and they even had an imam marriage. The black-haired woman in the image was likened to Selin Ciğerci. The fact that Ciğerci was seated close to where Doğulu was getting close to women also strengthened the allegations. Ciğerci, who received thousands of messages from Instagram in a short time, denied the claim about her and said, "Yes, it looks similar, but I swear I am not. Look, I haven't left home yet in Alaçatı. They said the initial "S", there is a show in my DMs. I am innocent again, and the girl's waist is thicker than mine

According to the allegations in Sayfa 2 program broadcast on TV8 screens; Kadir Doğulu has been in love with a woman with the initial "S" for a while. It was claimed that Doğulu kept a house for the woman he was with and that he often went to that house. It was also claimed that Kadir Doğulu asked for the woman from her family and even performed an imam marriage. It is among the rumors that Atagül, who has been married to the famous name for 7 years, is also aware of these.

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