Kerem Bürsin's ('Love is in the Air') girlfriend reacts to engagement rumors

Kerem Bürsin's ('Love is in the Air') girlfriend reacts to engagement rumors

The star of Love is in the Air is the talk of the town. Between his recent hernia operation and the discovery that he has definitely replaced Hande Erçel, he's grabbing all the headlines in the specialized press. But we have been pretty crazy to see that several Turkish media are talking about how they are already engaged and of course, this deserves a confirmation, a denial, something. At the moment, we already have the reaction of Kerem Bürsin's girlfriend, Mehtap Algül, to the rivers of ink that have been spilled.

A remarkable increase in followers on her Instagram account.

In just four days, Mehtap Algül's Instagram account has gone up by several thousand (which doesn't surprise us, because besides that we're like crazy waiting for a picture of the two of them, a kiss, a selfie... So, for starters, the media noise has been great for the influencer to boost her image even more, which after all is what she lives on.

Kerem Bürsin's girlfriend's reaction to the discovery of their relationship

Well, here comes the big part. Since the talk about her has started, Mehtap has uploaded three posts in a row to her Instagram feed. Two of them are videos promoting products. But the one on April 10 is the one that has us really intrigued:

At first glance, the truth is that what catches the eye is her look (I want those jeans, okay?). But did you notice the background? Yes, my friends: an unmade double bed. An unconfirmed confirmation, an unspoken statement... there's a little topic. Kerem, come out if you're brave and tell us the truth!

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