Kerem Bürsin's proud and important achievement

Kerem Bürsin's proud and important achievement

Kerem Bürsin has always tried to be very present in the issues that challenge society. The earthquake in Turkey was obviously one of those many cases in which the actor tried to do his best and use his influence to help all the people who were affected by such an event.

Kerem Bürsin's proud and important achievement

As could be expected, those who followed in Kerem Bürsin's steps were his fans, who also joined the cause. An example of this is what happened with the most important community of Hispanic people dedicated to the actor, who got down to work to collaborate with the collection of funds.

A few hours ago, this group of followers communicated, through their Instagram account (@KeremBursinSpain_), that they had managed to donate the amount of 165,269 Liras, which at the exchange rate would be about 7700 euros. "Thank you very much to all the people who contributed to the cause and who have become a big family thanks to Kerem Bürsin and who, thanks to their donations, have contributed to the affected families receiving the necessary help to be able to move forward." wrote the administrator, boasting about what they had achieved.

Kerem Bürsin's proud and important achievement

Kerem Bürsin's teachings

There is no doubt that this act is a true reflection of the message that Kerem Bürsin tries to profess. The actor has always been involved in causes of public interest, has left important opinions, and has used his influence and reach to help other people. Therefore, there is no doubt that this action will only make him proud.

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