Moonbin's last tweet "To the people I cherish" attracts attention

Moonbin's last tweet "To the people I cherish" attracts attention

Moonbin, who passed away suddenly at the age of 25, posted a final tweet to welcome the beautiful spring!

On April 11, Moonbin wrote his last tweet that caught the attention of internet users. The tweet addressed to fans reads as follows:

"AROHA, these are dandelion seeds 😃 !!! Dandelion seeds ~ Fly with the wind and scatter!"

He continued: "To the people I cherish, Spring is here, tickling me gently."

One user wrote: "It feels like the last words he wanted to convey to his fans, I'm so sorry... He was telling the story of dandelion seeds, it's so sad."

Others commented:

"I still remember Moonbin crying at the concert in December 2018 when I was in high school. He was such a kind and cool artist [...]. I support AROHAs, it breaks my heart to imagine him suffering alone. He will dance in a better place now."

"I hope this won't happen again, I hope the world will become warmer. I hope it gets warmer. I hope fans and people can ease their hearts. I know better than anyone that it doesn't comfort me. I know you're a good influence, so I just hope that one day you'll smile."

"If you're going through tough times, tell fans that you're going through tough times!"

"Not long ago, I was watching your video, not knowing at that time. It's like you were already telling us."

"No one around him seemed to know..."

"What should I do if spring comes and you're not here ㅠㅠ"

"MoonBin, my love. There's a hole in my heart. But I think you don't want us to suffer because you're a good person. I think it takes too much time to accept the facts."

"I will love ASTRO forever."

"Our MOON you worked hard."

"He cried so much during the concert, he cried so much I saw him collapsing, but I think ASTRO's success was more important to him than his well-being."

"Our Moonbin... Are you okay? I hope you feel better... My heart hurts so much... I wish I could bring you the happiness that you gave me... I'm sorry. Thank you, I love you. Really."

On the other hand, before joining ASTRO, Moonbin joined Fantagio's trainee program and debuted with the Kpop group in February 2016, which had six members at the time.

On April 19, Moonbin left our world unexpectedly.


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