New Alperen Duymaz crisis on the Ego set... What did Duymaz say about the allegations?

New Alperen Duymaz crisis on the Ego set... What did Duymaz say about the allegations?

Another report of tension has emerged from the Ego set. According to information leaked from the set, the lead actor of the series, Alperen Duymaz, did not show up for filming yesterday. The entire crew waited for hours for the actor to arrive on set. Alperen Duymaz, who had not shown up on set at the scheduled filming time on several previous occasions, did not make a sound. As a result of this development, filming was canceled. Duymaz's behavior caused a reaction among his colleagues.

It is known that Alperen Duymaz, who had an argument with his co-star Melisa Aslı Pamuk a few months ago, could not get along with the first director of the series, Doğa Can Anafarta, and that Anafarta quit his job and was replaced by Şenol Sönmez. The series, which meets with the audience on Sundays, is currently shooting its 12th episode.

In response to the allegation that he did not go to the set, Alperen Duymaz said: "I felt that I needed to express myself. Again... I was already on set and after shooting my first scene I went to shoot my second scene but I realized that I could not continue with the rehearsal because of the stress caused by the constantly changing motivation of the character. I apologized to everyone and said that I was going to my caravan. Then I learned that the set had been dismissed. I am embarrassed and sorry for occupying the agenda by reporting the truth of this false news

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