Nuri Alço fee remark to Serenay Sarıkaya

Nuri Alço fee remark to Serenay Sarıkaya

Legendary Yeşilçam actor Nuri Alço made a reference to some actors. The actor said, 'Serenay (Sarıkaya) earns 850 thousand liras per episode weekly. There are no such numbers.' Here are the details..."

Nuri Alço, who closely follows the recent series, announced that his favorite series is Yargı.

Alço, who complains about the similarity of the subjects in the series, said, 'The subjects in the series are all the same. They are very similar to each other. 

When a series starts and becomes popular, they constantly advance it. It makes sense if they cut it short, but they keep extending it. I watch Yargı. I'm a fan of the series. The actors and cast are good. They have formed a good team but the subjects are getting too long.'

Nuri Alço said he found the fees paid to actors exaggerated. Alço said, 'There are very astronomical figures. These are 850 thousand TL per episode weekly for Serenay (Sarıkaya). There are no such numbers. 

The first one earns that much but the second and third actors opposite him cannot see those amounts of money. We played for free.' Alço, who expressed that he liked Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ's acting, said, 'I find Kıvanç very successful. He and Serenay were in good harmony.'"

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