The protagonist of the series Kiralık Aşk, on fatherhood: This is not child's play.

The protagonist of the series Kiralık Aşk, on fatherhood: This is not child's play.

  • "I'm on set six days a week, but my mind stays at home with my daughter"
  • Asya Jan, the actor's first daughter, was born last September
  • Barış Arduç became known in Spain thanks to his role as Ömer in 'Kiralık Aşk'

The protagonist of the series  Kiralık Aşk, on fatherhood: "This is not child's play"

Six months after becoming a father and welcoming little Jan Asya, Barış Arduç has spoken for the first time about how he is experiencing this new and happy stage of his life. The arrival of his first daughter, who was born on September 9th, has changed his life and now spending so much time away from home due to filming has become much harder. "I'm on set 6 days a week. My mind stays at home with my daughter, but we have to work," explained the actor.

And while he continues with his career, little Asya is left in the care of her mother, actress Gupse Özay, who has put her career on hold to stay by her first daughter's side. A job, that of his wife and millions of women around the world, that the protagonist of 'Kiralık Aşk' wanted to highlight. "She has a beautiful mother at home and she takes care of her very well. Mothers carry everything. After nine months of pregnancy, they take care of them. Mothers live this process more intensely," said the actor, who assures that the little one is a perfect mix between his wife and him. "Before she looked like her mother, but now she started to look like me. I think she will be a good hybrid."

Fatherhood is a very strange feeling

Although his work forces him to spend long hours away from his little one, the actor makes the most of every minute with his daughter. "Having a child is such an interesting feeling that I haven't seen any father complain about this intensity. It's the strangest feeling in the world," he said very excitedly about this new stage of his life. A stage in which there is a very special moment and he doesn't let anyone take it away from him. "I don't leave the bath job to anyone," who also takes care of the diapers. "I always change the diaper and I do it with great pleasure."

It's been just over six months since the little one was born and Arduç has already been able to confirm that when you have children time seems to pass much faster. "Our daughter is growing up very fast," he acknowledged during the interview, in which he assured that he doesn't want to miss any important moment in the little one's life and that he is willing to run out to be able to live those unforgettable milestones. "I tell her to call me as soon as she feels like walking. I'll jump off the set and go. I don't want to miss that moment," he confessed amused.

Will they expand the family?

After the birth of their first daughter, the big question has arrived. Will they give Asya a little brother or sister? The actor prefers not to clarify if they will expand the family, but he insists that it is a very important decision. "A second child is lucky. But what's the point of having more children if you can't give them the attention they need? If we can contribute 100% materially and spiritually, we should have children. But obviously, this is not child's play. When one becomes a parent, one understands," replied the actor, who for now focuses on enjoying his little one.

He doesn't want his daughter to participate in the industry for now

Regarding whether he would like his daughter to follow in his footsteps, the actor is adamant or if he intends for his daughter to participate in advertisements or some television projects, the actor is clear. For now, he does not intend for the girl to become part of the audiovisual industry except for specific projects that have a solidary and social background. "When it comes to my daughter, issues such as advertising, price, salaries... are not my favorite topics. I don't plan to include her in projects that are not socially responsible. Socially responsible works will also be a good memory for my child," revealed the actor.

The protagonist of the series  Kiralık Aşk, on fatherhood: "This is not child's play"

The choice of the little one's name

Finally, the actor explained the reasons why they chose two names for their daughter. "Gupse and I decided on the names Jan and Asya together. It is very important to me to protect her culture. We called her Jan to keep Gupse's Circassian ancestry alive and Asya was a name I liked," said the actor, who acknowledges that he calls the little one Jan. "It has a nice tone and I think it also suits our daughter well," said the actor.

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