This is Kerem Bürsin's favorite movie: a comedy that has caught us completely by surprise.

This is Kerem Bürsin's favorite movie: a comedy that has caught us completely by surprise.

Kerem Bürsin is one of the most successful actors internationally. His work in Love is in the air with Hande Erçel made viewers fall in love with both performers. Bürsin and his family have always been passionate about the audiovisual world, so it is not surprising that the young man dedicated himself to the world of acting. In fact, as the sister of the star of the hit series has acknowledged, the Bürsin family has an obsession with a film that will leave no one indifferent.

This is Kerem Bürsin's favorite movie: a comedy that has caught us completely by surprise.

Melis Bürsin, Kerem's older sister, has revealed the most intimate secrets of the Turkish actor and his family through Instagram where she accumulates nearly one hundred thousand followers. One of those details, among the dozens she has shared, is about Bürsin's favorite movie which is quite an obsession for them. The interpreter has grown up with  History of the World, a curious comedy from 1981 that has caught us by surprise.

"My brother, my husband, my father, and I, all of us, have a couple of movies that we're really obsessed with," Melis Bürsin began to say on the well-known social network. "We grew up with History of the world. We were all obsessed. Kerem and my best friend, Nick, used to watch it over and over again when they were eight years old," said the older sister of the beloved Turkish actor.

One of the keys to why the film will be so well-liked among the Bürsins is the "ridiculous and incredible sense of humor." "My husband also knows the whole film by heart," Melis revealed. In addition, Kerem's sister has also confessed that another film they used to watch non-stop was Peter Sellers' "The Party". Two very curious films, which we never expected to be the ones chosen by the successful Turkish actor.

THIS IS History of the world.

The film is a comedy that can be seen as a parody of major world historical events such as the Stone Age, the Roman Empire, the Spanish Inquisition, and the French Revolution. But it also makes references related to the Ten Commandments and the Last Supper of the Catholic religion. All chronologically representing the role of the great historical characters.

Mel Brooks plays a philosopher of the Roman Empire, Louis XVI during the outbreak of the French Revolution or Torquemada in the middle of the Spanish Inquisition. The most memorable scene of the film is the one in which the comedian plays a waiter who is serving at the Last Supper. In it, he interrupts to take note of the meal while the Messiah is saying his last words to the Apostles.

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