Actress Birce Akalay addresses her followers

Actress Birce Akalay addresses her followers

With only a few days left until the May 14 presidential elections in Turkey, famous figures are using their social media accounts to call on their followers to vote. Actress Birce Akalay also took to Twitter to make a plea to her followers, saying "Take ownership of your vote."

As Turkey gears up for the presidential elections on May 14th, the call to vote is being echoed by influential personalities, including actress Birce Akalay. Taking to Twitter, Akalay urged her followers to exercise their right to vote, stressing the importance and value of each vote. In a heartfelt video, she reminded viewers that no matter their political leanings, they must come together and take responsibility for their vote. With the election being one of the most crucial in the country's history, Akalay urged her followers to join her in supporting democracy and taking ownership of their vote.

In a video message, the successful actress stated, "No matter what our preferences may be, our votes are important, our votes are valuable. For this reason, I want to emphasize that we need more volunteers from all over our country. With love, have a nice day."

She continued by saying, "I prefer coffee, while you may prefer tea. Our choices may differ, just like they will on May 14th. But there is one unchanging truth: we must take ownership of our votes. In this most important and critical election in the history of our republic, please take ownership of your vote."

Birce Akalay

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