Ankaralı Ayşe Talks About Demet Özdemir

Ankaralı Ayşe Talks About Demet Özdemir

Ankaralı Ayşe, who has reached a wide fan base with her songs and dance, was a guest on 2. Sayfa program broadcasted on TV8.

Ankaralı Ayşe spoke about Demet Özdemir, who gained fame 13 years ago as a backup dancer, and said, "I can't forget Demet's respect for her work."

Sharing her opinions about Demet Özdemir, Ankaralı Ayşe said, "She used to come to the show with her sister. She came to the program as a dancer and earned her living this way. I always support strong women. I can't forget Demet's delicacy and her beautiful dressing style. I can't forget her respect for her work and her stance. I used to check who was working willingly and who was not in my team. 

I wouldn't want an unwilling person in my team. Demet had an energy that would make her famous. If a person is loyal to their work, arrives on time, and fulfills their duties flawlessly, success is inevitable. I didn't choose Demet for the cast. 

Our producer made the selection. Demet and her sister came from a dance school. They were paid 50 TL per show at that time. The program was filmed in 2010. It was a once-a-week show."

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