Cha Eunwoo of ASTRO makes his first appearance at an event since Moonbin's death, and netizens react.

Cha Eunwoo of ASTRO makes his first appearance at an event since Moonbin's death, and netizens react.

Cha Eunwoo from ASTRO has made his first public appearance since the death of his friend and colleague Moonbin on April 19.

On April 29, he attended the Konnect Thai event as planned, after the group's agency had previously announced that, after much discussion, the idol had decided to honor his commitment.

In the video, Eunwoo can be seen with a sad expression on his face, and netizens expressed their sadness for the ASTRO member. Among the comments were:

 -"I think he looks a little skinnier, but he still looks gorgeous. I hope he's doing well."

- "I don't think it's bad to be back on his regular schedule. It could help him get back to his life after what happened."

- "I support you, Eunwoo."

- "He looks so handsome, as usual. But I can tell he looks a little tired."

- "I feel like he's never had a bad day in his life. Just always beautiful."

- "I understand that he decided not to cancel, but I can't help but feel bad for him. I hope he's doing well."

- "He seems calmer than usual, but I'm grateful and proud that he showed up for his fans."

- "I feel sorry for him. He's clearly there to exist and do his job, but I totally agree, he looks empty and numb. I really hope he's doing well and can rest and find comfort."

- "This is the face of a man who's dead inside. Yes, he's still handsome and doing his job. But you can tell he'd rather have something else to occupy him."

- "Fans always want to see their 'real' idols, but is it worth it? You're not seeing an idol, you're seeing someone who's lost and facing a loss; it's as real as you'll ever see and some people only really focus on his beauty? I agree it might be good for him to be back so soon but... 'he showed up for his fans'... is that your concern right now...? I understand the career aspect but sometimes you have to be selfish and take care of yourself first. I've seen several people comment on how they saw him as a real person (ig & tiktok) and applaud him for showing that side of himself to fans, but again... why does that matter to you? Would you rather celebrate that than worry maybe he's pushing himself a little too hard...? I just hope he made the decision to keep working and I hope he's doing well."

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