BLACKPINK's Jisoo fans attack DIOR for not putting the idol's photo first

BLACKPINK's Jisoo fans attack DIOR for not putting the idol's photo first

Recently, an exhibition in honor of 'DIOR BEAUTY' took place in Korea.

On the occasion, the brand shared a series of event photos via Instagram with the hashtag #MissDior.

Several celebrities attended the event as brand ambassadors, from South Korean figure skating legend Kim Yuna to BLACKPINK's Jisoo, 2PM's Junho, NewJeans' Haerin, and actor Jung Hae In. The post showed deep appreciation for the stars who support DIOR and make the brand shine.

However, the post was criticized by some BLACKPINK fans because the first photo featured Kim Yuna.

 Jisoo's photo appeared in the second position.

This order in which 'Dior Beauty' decided to upload the photos greatly angered some Jisoo fans, who stated that it was illogical for Jisoo, the global ambassador for 'Dior,' to be treated as secondary to Kim Yuna.

These messages mostly came from international fans.

"Why is your global ambassador in the second photo?"

"Have some decency to at least consider your global ambassador as such if you don't even put her in the first photo."

"Global ambassador in the second photo?"

"Why is the global ambassador in the second photo? Seriously, Dior?!"

"Dior Beauty, have you been drinking?"

After seeing this, Yuna's fans and many Korean netizens criticized the fans' behavior.

In a popular online community, over 1,500 comments responded to a post explaining the situation.

"Don't mess with Yuna... [Jisoo's] career can't be compared."

"If I were in charge of DIOR BEAUTY's Instagram feed and had a literal living legend visiting an event, I would put her everywhere, REGARDLESS of the ambassador position or anything. I would use this official account like a fan page for sure."

"Jisoo may be well-known in the K-pop world. But Kim Yuna is well-known worldwide as a representative of Korea. She's on a different level... This whole thing makes no sense. Also... If we REALLY want to talk about K-pop careers, BLACKPINK has BTS to surpass first. Ha ha."

"It's not like these ambassadorships last a lifetime. It's sad to see how some fans are so shocked by the order of some Instagram photos. Like, wow... What makes them so upset about Kim Yuna? These people need to stop disrespecting the career Kim Yuna has accomplished."

"I'm just shocked, to be honest. Ha ha."

"What's wrong with them? LOL."

Shortly after these criticisms, DIOR BEAUTY shared new posts, featuring Jisoo in the foreground.

On the other hand, we do not know if these posts were already planned or if they were posted after seeing the criticisms.

DIOR BEAUTY has not made any further statements on the matter, but the battle between BLACKPINK fans and the rest of the internet remains fierce.

"I wonder what prompted them to choose this particular order of photos to post. Order matters. And Jisoo has, almost ALWAYS, been the first slide. It makes sense that people are asking."

"I feel bad for these people. Let the social media coordinator do their posts. DIOR knows what it's doing. Don't go after living legends."

"There's no reason for Jisoo's career to be compared to Kim Yuna's either. Neither of their careers is short of amazing. It's true that Jisoo is one of the most esteemed ambassadors that DIOR adores. I think it's hilarious to see how these comments are so angry at each other about this."

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