Demet Ozdemir is Single Again: What's Going on with Can Yaman?

Demet Ozdemir is Single Again: What's Going on with Can Yaman?

The marriage between Demet Ozdemir and Oguzhan Koc has come to an end. Today, the Turkish actress and her now ex-husband both appeared at the Adalar courthouse for the first hearing regarding their divorce, which, according to rumors from Turkey, should be taking place by mutual consent.

Rumors of an alleged crisis between the two Turkish celebrities had been circulating for several weeks. Then, last April, Demet, and Oguzhan shared a joint statement on Instagram, effectively announcing their separation.

Demet Ozdemir is Divorced

The actress and the singer got married last August, and after only eight months of marriage, they have said their final goodbyes. Among those who have always maintained that the union between Demet and Oguzhan would last "as long as a cat on a highway" is social investigator Alessandro Rosica, who is very familiar with Turkish gossip. "A prearranged marriage with a predetermined end, that between actress Demet Özdemir and Oğuzhan Koç," Rosica said on Instagram. "A completely fabricated couple, aimed at launching both of them, especially the Turkish singer. The two, along with their managers, have certainly achieved their goals, but at what cost? Let's also remember all the pressure Demet has received over the years. Today we achieve a victory, all together, today comes to the final word on this much-discussed and fake couple, today comes the end of the Oguzhangate. This victory is also a bit ours, we never gave up."

Demet Ozdemir is Single Again: CanDem Fans Regain Hope

Demet Ozdemir can now consider herself single again. This is good news for CanDem fans, the supporters of the alleged couple formed by the Turkish actress and Can Yaman. There has always been speculation that the two actors, who made millions of viewers worldwide dream with the TV series Day Dreamer: Wings of the Dream, had a top-secret love affair. Rumors were never confirmed (nor denied) by the parties involved, who, after the end of the series, took completely different paths. Demet stayed in Turkey, while Can moved to Italy to shoot the light crime TV series Viola Like the Sea, in which he plays the role of Chief Inspector of Police Francesco Demir, with the second season's shooting set to begin next June.

Now that the Turkish actress has closed the chapter on her marriage to Oguzhan Koc, fans are wondering if there could be a possible reunion with Can Yaman. Alessandro Rosica himself, responding to followers' curiosity on Instagram a few months ago, revealed that he did not rule out a "sentimental return" between Demet and Can. We will see what happens.

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