Demet Özdemir Supports Merve Dizdar: Don't Wait!

Demet Özdemir Supports Merve Dizdar: Don't Wait!

Merve Dizdar, who won the Best Actress Award at the Cannes Film Festival for her role in Nuri Bilge Ceylan's film "On Dried Grass," made us proud with her success. However, some people reacted negatively to the speech she made after receiving the award. Demet Özdemir fiercely defended her colleague against the criticisms.

After receiving the award, Merve Dizdar said, "The character Nuray I portrayed in the film is a woman who has to pay a price for fighting for her beliefs and existence. I would have liked to work long and hard to understand and get to know her, but unfortunately, being a woman in the geography I live in requires knowing the feelings of Nuray and women like her by heart since the day I was born. I dedicate this award to all my sisters who take action without submitting to what is deemed appropriate for them, who risk everything for this cause, and who never give up hope, and to all the fighting spirits in Turkey who are waiting for the beautiful days they deserve."

Some people criticized these words. Demet Özdemir, furious at the criticisms directed at Dizdar instead of acknowledging her historic success, supported Dizdar with a post on her social media account: "I understand very well that women's success bothers you! But I have bad news for you: Women are already successful and will continue to achieve more! You will learn to applaud! You cannot gain anything from this. Don't wait!"

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