Hande Erçel Gets to Know Her Boyfriend's Family: Actress and Mother-in-Law Display Their Connection by Dancing Together

Hande Erçel Gets to Know Her Boyfriend's Family: Actress and Mother-in-Law Display Their Connection by Dancing Together

  • Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabancı began their relationship in November and confirmed it in March
  • According to the press, the couple experienced a crisis after a trip to Tuscany due to an incident with a fan

Despite the recent rumors of a crisis, Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabancı appear to have resolved their differences and are now closer than ever. In fact, they were seen enjoying each other's company at a friend's wedding, which was also attended by the businessman's parents and several relatives.

As reported by the Turkish press, when the relationship became public, there was speculation that the Sabancı family might oppose the romance. However, the businessman took advantage of the celebration, which was also attended by his family, to make introductions and demonstrate that the relationship, which began last November, has solidified and that Hande is now an integral part of the family.

Although neither of the main parties has commented or shared any photos of the celebration, the media has reported that the rapport between Hande and Arzu, her boyfriend's mother, was immediate, and they were even seen dancing together during the event, effectively silencing all rumors surrounding the couple.

An Incident in Tuscany Could Have Been the Cause of Their First Major Crisis

The love story of Hande Erçel and Hakan Sabancı began last November, but it wasn't until March when the media captured the first image of the couple and confirmed their relationship. It was at Istanbul airport when the actress and her new boyfriend, returning from a romantic getaway to Paris, were caught by journalists. Smiling and relaxed, they allowed themselves to be photographed and kindly answered all questions. "Everything is going very well," said the actress at the time, walking alongside the businessman, who was already talking about a budding but serious relationship.

After the confirmation, the couple became the target of the press, which followed every step of their relationship. A few weeks ago, they reportedly faced their first crisis during a trip to Tuscany, where the businessman had an incident with his girlfriend's fans. Apparently, this disagreement deeply upset the actress, who distanced herself from Sabancı from that moment on. However, according to the media, Hakan reconsidered after returning to Istanbul and tried to smooth things over, apologize, and mend the situation by sending flowers to his girlfriend on the set. Judging by the latest images, it seems to have worked.

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