Hande Erçel: I'm Very Daring

Hande Erçel: I'm Very Daring

Actress Hande Erçel spoke about her profession: "Performing in front of thousands of people, on-screen, often sacrificing your personal life for your work, accepting the possibility of not being liked or criticized, and still devoting your days and nights to that performance and that job requires courage."

- "I appear as I feel. For example, if I'm happy, everyone can tell because I feel a different brightness within myself, and I radiate that energy."

- "If I wake up not feeling well, I burn sage in my home, believing it cleanses the energy of the space I'm in, and it always soothes my soul."

- I am very daring. I'm not afraid to make mistakes that will only affect my own life. I will bear the consequences of any situation I believe in and feel right about, even if it's a mistake, and I won't regret it.

- My perfectionism in my work causes me to be harder on myself. I'm not easily satisfied, and I can't digest it. That feeling of always being able to do better sometimes even prevents me from seeing the beauty or progress in what I've done.

- "In my professional life, this attitude that makes everything more difficult for myself is the complete opposite in my personal life; I'm always content with what I have. Lately, I've been even more affected by the beauty of imperfect, unplanned outcomes."

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