Ibrahim Çelikkol to Girlfriend Natali Yarcan: Relax, My Love

Ibrahim Çelikkol to Girlfriend Natali Yarcan: Relax, My Love

Ibrahim Çelikkol was spotted with his girlfriend Natali Yarcan in Karaköy the other night. Natali Yarcan, who was caught on camera with her boyfriend for the first time, panicked. Ibrahim Çelikkol tried to calm her down, saying, "Relax, my love, we have nothing to hide."

After ending his marriage with his wife of five years, Mihre Mutlu, Ibrahim Çelikkol began dating Natali Yarcan. He had announced their relationship by sharing a romantic photo with his girlfriend a few days ago.

According to a report by Eren Gürel from Habertürk, the couple was captured by journalists' cameras for the first time in Karaköy the other night.

Ibrahim Çelikkol and Natali Yarcan, who were having dinner together, were surprised to see journalists waiting for them outside the restaurant. Faced with flashing cameras, Natali Yarcan panicked and tried to hide her face by turning away.

At this point, Ibrahim Çelikkol hugged Natali Yarcan and said, "What are you doing? We have nothing to hide, relax, my love," and they posed together for the cameras.


Ibrahim Çelikkol, who married architect Mihre Mutlu in 2017, became a father in 2019 when their son Ali was bornThe couple ended their five-year marriage in a single session last year.

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