Jungkook Receives Noise Complaint for Singing at Night, Netizens React

Jungkook Receives Noise Complaint for Singing at Night, Netizens React

On May 25th, BTS's Jungkook held a new live broadcast, delighting fans worldwide.

As usual, Jungkook spent time in the middle of the night with fans, chatting, answering questions, and of course, singing.

However, fans were surprised when Jungkook revealed that he couldn't sing too loudly, as his neighbors had complained about his late-night sessions!

"I can't sing loudly at night anymore. I thought it was soundproofed, right? But I was told that even if they (the neighbors) can't hear the sound, they can feel the vibrations from the speakers.

So, I received a complaint that wasn't an official complaint. I apologized for not singing loudly at night, so I can't sing loudly anymore."

Nevertheless, despite his explanation, Jungkook resumed singing at full volume, which amused many fans.

In Korea, noise complaints are a significant societal issue, and some netizens criticized the idol for allegedly being inconsiderate towards his neighbors.

"He should be careful late at night."

"He needs to be cautious if he receives a noise complaint."

"Vibrations can be as annoying as noise."

"It's right to be more careful in the evening."

"Vibrations can also be terrible for neighbors. I think it would be better if he sang without his microphone in the future."

"It's normal for him to be careful at night. Once I started hearing my neighbors' noise, I thought I was going crazy. It's inconsiderate not to think about the neighbors."

On the other hand, some defended him, especially knowing that Jungkook had made efforts to soundproof the room. The idol couldn't have known that he was bothering the neighbors.

"Oh, stop making things up."

"There are so many psychopaths in the comments, LOL. They're disgusting."

"Stop feeding these idiots."

"I thought people would criticize him without knowing the facts, and unfortunately, I was right... It's so exhausting."

"Jungkook isn't the type to create controversy. I was wondering what this was about."

"I came back to see that there were over 700 comments... Wow. Guys, if you watch the clip, it's really not that bad."

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