Kadir Doğulu's fans assaulted Onur Akay

Kadir Doğulu's fans assaulted Onur Akay

Kadir Doğulu's recent intimate photos with a woman stirred up the gossip columns. Cheating allegations and rumors of an unofficial marriage made the situation worse. Neslihan Atagül and Kadir Doğulu didn't compromise their relationship despite the rumors. The couple reacted harshly when asked about the cheating allegations during a panel in Baku.

Last year, Kadir Doğulu had indirectly addressed Onur Akay, who had been making various comments about him on entertainment shows for two years, by saying, "May Allah help the person who created that news." Last week, when Doğulu made headlines again, Akay wrote an article on his website with the title "May Allah help the cheater!" In addition, during a live call to the entertainment show "Söylemezsem Olmaz," Akay claimed that the famous couple was in the process of getting a divorce, citing information from Neslihan Atagül's mother. He also claimed that Kadir begged Neslihan to wait for a while longer for the sake of his career and prolong the marriage.

Onur Akay, a voice artist and entertainment writer who became famous as the "Disaster Prophet" in the entertainment industry due to his death and illness announcements, was assaulted by Kadir Doğulu's female fans due to the news he made about the famous actor. The 46-year-old artist's nose was bleeding and one of his teeth was broken. Onur Akay explained the incident as follows: "Two women suddenly approached me on a motorcycle and said, 'If you speak about Kadir Doğulu again, we will break your legs.' One of them twisted my arm, and the other kicked my leg and punched my face. The punches were so strong that my nose started to bleed. Later, I realized that my upper right tooth was broken. They were two women who fought like men in men's clothing."

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