Kerem Bürsin Congratulates Maya Başol: Meet the Girl Who Played Kiraz, His Daughter in 'Love is in the Air'

Kerem Bürsin Congratulates Maya Başol: Meet the Girl Who Played Kiraz, His Daughter in 'Love is in the Air'

  • Maya Başol turns eight and receives a heartfelt message from her on-screen father
  • Kerem Bürsin and the young girl formed a special bond during the filming of 'Love is in the Air,' where they played father and daughter

After the end of 'Love is in the Air,' she has focused on advertising, the sector where she began her career

The 'Love is in the Air' family is celebrating today. Maya Başol, the youngest member of the series, has turned eight, and her on-screen father has sent her a heartfelt message through social media to congratulate her on this special day. Once again, Kerem Bürsin has made it clear that the affection and connection they displayed on-screen, which captivated viewers, has endured over time. "Happy birthday! I love you so much, sweetheart," the actor wrote, sharing a beautiful photo of him holding her in his arms.

Of course, Maya's response was not long in coming. The affection they share is mutual, and the young girl, whose Instagram profile is managed by her mother, has shared her 'father's' congratulations and reciprocated the love she received with a lovely message. "We love you more," wrote the mother of the young actress, who is one of the most popular child influencers in her country and has a promising career..

The Relationship Between Kerem Bürsin and Maya Başol

She was only six years old when she joined the cast of 'Love is in the Air' and became the star of the second season. Maya Başol burst onto the scene in Turkey's most successful series in recent years, and her charm won over the entire team from the first moment. The young girl shared scenes with the entire cast, but it was with Kerem Bürsin that she formed the closest relationship. They forged a special bond during filming, and that bond has not been broken. Maya was the apple of his eye and remains one of the actor's favorite people. Since they met in 2021, affectionate messages between the two have been a constant. Even during filming, they both showed the love they felt through various messages and photos shared with their followers.

But undoubtedly, the most special moment between them occurred during the filming of the final episode. Together, they starred in one of the most heartwarming and memorable scenes when the press spoke with the cast about how they were facing the end of the series. At that moment, the young girl, unable to control her emotions, broke down in tears in the arms of her on-screen father, who was responsible for calming her and bringing a smile to her face as he tenderly hugged her in front of all the journalists.

What Has Become of Maya Başol

On August 12, 2021, the cast of 'Love is in the Air' bid farewell to the series that marked a turning point in their lives. It was the last day of filming, and young Maya Başol brought an end to one of the most intense experiences of her short career. 'Love is in the Air' marked her debut on the small screen, but Maya was not unknown. Despite her age, the actress was already very popular thanks to advertising, a sector she has been immersed in since the end of the series. Since then, she has not participated in any other productions but continues to work as the face of major brands, as her 2.5 million Instagram followers can see. With a restless spirit, in addition to her advertising work, the young girl is taking the opportunity to learn dance and be a big sister, as we can see on her social media.

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