Neslihan Atagül and Kadir Doğulu react to 'infidelity' question!

Neslihan Atagül and Kadir Doğulu react to 'infidelity' question!

Kadir Doğulu, who married Neslihan Atagül in 2016, was caught on camera being intimate with other women at a social event. Following the incident, rumors of divorce circulated, but the couple did not experience any problems in their marriage and even went abroad together. During an interview, the couple responded harshly to a woman who asked about infidelity.

Atagül, who was rumored to have been cheated on after the incident, reacted to the question by saying, "What did you want to know about us? Do you really care about this right now? Why don't you believe what you saw and ask about that? Admirable..."

Kadir Doğulu, speaking after his wife, said, "You asked a good question with civility. Admirable. You all have your own lives, and someone is watching, but it's not their personal life. It's their testimony of your character... If you want to ask about my personal life or my wife's personal life, you can ask there. You can ask, 'How can you still be married despite all the news?' instead of right or wrong. You can ask why this news cycle that spreads everywhere is ruining my relationship with my family but not yours."

Kadir Doğulu Neslihan Atagül

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