The Story of Jennie and Taehyung in PHOTOS and VIDEOS: A Timeline of the Alleged Romance

The Story of Jennie and Taehyung in PHOTOS and VIDEOS: A Timeline of the Alleged Romance

The names of BTS's Taehyung and BLACKPINK's Jennie have been linked together for months due to rumors of supposed dating. Could they be a couple? Are they just friends? This is the debate among the public since an anonymous internet user began leaking photos, one after another, attempting to prove the alleged relationship between the K-pop superstars. On May 17, 2023, speculations grew stronger than ever due to a viral video where the couple is allegedly seen on a romantic date in Paris.

Although the rumor has been alive for almost half a year, neither HYBE nor YG have denied or confirmed any relationship. They have also not corroborated the authenticity of the 'supposed evidence.'

How did the Taehyung and Jennie rumor start?

Taehyung on Instagram

In December 2021, the BTS member launched his official and individual Instagram profile. Shortly after, V started following BLACKPINK's Jennie. Although the idol revoked his action within minutes, it had already been recorded by fans who were surprised by the sudden interaction.

At that time, Taehyung went to Weverse and commented uncomfortably on the 'recommended profiles' option, implying that the 'follow' had been an accident.

May 23, 2022

On Korean forums and Twitter, a video clip (and its respective screenshots) went viral in which a user allegedly filmed two young people whose appearance resembled Taehyung and Jennie. The clip was accidentally taken while the person was recording a blog on Jeju's road. The exact date of the recording is not detailed.

The images were sent to a celebrity page, and from there, netizens began theorizing. Some doubted the source and argued the possibility of photo manipulation, while others pointed to a 'Taehyung double.'

An alleged airline employee identifies Jennie and V

On the professional social network BLIND, an alleged T'way airline employee posted that they "saw idols Taehyung and Jennie on flight TW717." According to their anonymous testimony, both were in the executive area, and other workers also knew of their presence. The mentioned domestic flight departed from Gimpo to Jeju Island on May 21, shortly before the 'car photo.'

May 29: BTS travels to the U.S. to visit the White House

On this date, all Bangtan members (except Jungkook, who went ahead) left South Korea for Washington DC to attend an invitation from President Biden.

Taehyung posted a video of "La Campanella" on Instagram

On June 12, V shared a snippet of the classical piece "La Campanella" by Paganini. The BTS singer explained on Weverse that he posted the song because he liked it.

Three months later, in September, it was revealed that a sample of this theme would be used as a key melody in BLACKPINK's comeback, "Shut Down."

Taehyung, Lisa, and Park Bo Gum travel to Paris

Invited by Celine, V shared a flight with BLACKPINK's Lisa and Park Bo Gum to Paris Fashion Week. The celebrities departed for Europe on June 24 (KST).

Was Jennie with Taehyung before his trip?

On August 23, an image credited to user @gurumiharibo was leaked on Twitter.

In the shot, Kim Taehyung is attended to by his stylists before his flight to Paris, and his outfit matches the official record. The attention-grabbing detail is the presence of a woman taking the snapshot with the mirror reflection. Fans speculated that it could be Jennie, while others claimed it was a photoshop

BLACKPINK and Taehyung travel to New York

On August 24 (KST), V made a surprise appearance at Incheon Airport. According to press reports, the idol was traveling to New York for a photoshoot and other work-related commitments.

A day later, BLACKPINK headed to the same destination. This raised suspicions, as the girl band was scheduled to perform in Newark for the 2022 VMAs.

YG avoided commenting on rumors of alleged dates between Jennie and V. They only pointed out that "BLACKPINK members would be busy with activities in the U.S., especially for their MTV performance."

Photos by Gurumi Haribo

On August 25 (KST), another 'mirror selfie' went viral online. After a while, the Twitter account was deactivated, and the anonymous user moved to Telegram.

On September 1, 'previews' of more photos emerged. Fans of both artists began to insist that HYBE or YG make a statement. The possibility that the images were real and that one of the artists' phones had been hacked was considered.

Leaked Video of Taehyung

On September 8, a three-second clip without audio emerged from Telegram. The video matched the previous photo before the trip to Paris and showed the idol smiling at the person filming.


The Korean public compared Taehyung's and Jennie's Instagram profiles. Due to some similar images, netizens suspected that the idols were dedicating 'lovestagrams' to each other.

BLACKPINK's Private Party

A member of Winner and other hip-hop figures shared souvenirs from a 'listening party' held by BLACKPINK on September 14.

BLACKPINK Members Travel to Los Angeles

At noon on September 15 (KST), BLACKPINK members were seen at Incheon Airport. The quartet boarded a flight to Los Angeles, California, and their trip aimed to promote the album "Born Pink" in the U.S. market.

Alleged Photos from Jeju Surface

On the morning of September 16 (KST), hours before BLACKPINK released their new album, user @gurumiharibo returned to Twitter and warned that they would publish images of the alleged Jeju date.

Through Telegram, the account released a set of four photos that would have been taken during the supposed trip of the idols between May 22 or 23.

Taehyung at BLACKPINK's Party?

On the same day, September 16, JTBC exclusively reported that Taehyung had been present at a private party organized by BLACKPINK in Seoul for the launch of "Born Pink."

According to the Korean media, V's presence would be a gesture of support for Jennie Kim's activities and one of the few times both have coincided at a public event outside of year-end award ceremonies.

Regarding this alleged sighting, JTBC sought official statements from the respective agencies. Only one of them replied, stating that they "were not aware of the party."

So far, there are no further updates from YG or Hype on the rumor involving their most important artists.

New Photo of Taehyung

A new photo of Taehyung adds to the dating rumors with Jennie. Fans compare this image with previous captures of the BLACKPINK idol in the room she has at her mother's house.

YG Addresses Jennie's Personal Photo Leak

On October 3, YG reported that Jennie's personal photos had indeed been leaked and that they would investigate the case. "We have officially requested that the police investigate the original distributor of Jennie's personal photos. YG Entertainment has been monitoring the relevant content and submitted a formal complaint last September after gathering information," they said in part of their statement.

Jennie and Taehyung's Alleged Stroll in Paris

A video of a couple walking hand-in-hand in Paris went viral on May 17. The young lovers were said to be Jennie and Taehyung, according to the evidence shared.

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