We Love You Taehyung Trends After Alleged Disrespect to Fans According to Korean Netizens + New Videos Shared

We Love You Taehyung Trends After Alleged Disrespect to Fans According to Korean Netizens + New Videos Shared

Last year, rumors circulated that Jennie from Blackpink and V from BTS were dating, and a video of the two K-pop stars taking a romantic stroll in Paris went viral.

While the singer has been criticized by international A.R.M.Ys, Korean netizens have pointed out that the BTS member disrespected his fans by wearing the same necklace as Jennie.

On a popular online community, some of the top-voted comments read:

"He has no respect for his fans."

"V is smitten with his relationship with Jennie. He always acts like he's so cool. His narcissism is severe. I cringe just thinking about it."

"What does this make the fans who protected him and denied this relationship?"

"I hate couple clothing."

"He wears that at the airport, disrespecting fans??? Why does he do this...? I just don't understand... anyway, everyone knew they were dating, right???"

"Why can't he stop wearing this couple accessory?"

"Kim Taehyung, now everything seems fake... I wonder if he posted the photos on Instagram for A.R.M.Y.s to see or his girlfriend."

"What's even funnier is that he's always been like this, and fans always pretend not to knowㅋㅋㅋㅋ."

"At this point, isn't he fighting with his agency because they won't confirm the relationship?"

"He's not a solo singer, why is he so selfish?"

"V, there must be a reason you wore a couple necklace and smiled while leaving the country."

Netizens began judging V for "disrespecting" his fans when the idol did not stop to greet fans and journalists at the airport after returning from the Celine event in Paris with Lisa and Park Bo Gum.

On June 28, V landed at Gimpo Business Aviation Center after attending a fashion show in Paris for the luxury brand Celine.

Originally, V, Lisa, and Park Bo Gum were scheduled to arrive at 8:55 KST, but due to a delayed flight, they reached the airport at 12:20 KST.

Many fans and media waited for over four hours, but it was all worth it when the stars appeared one by one.

BLACKPINK's Lisa and Park Bo Gum warmly greeted journalists and fans and even gave them cute poses. V, on the other hand, entered his vehicle as soon as the door opened.

On Twitter, international A.R.M.Ys shared that they are leaving the fandom after rumors began to spread.

Fans trended #WeloveyouTaehyung and other hashtags to show their love for the idol. The hashtag quickly ranked at the top of the trends.

Moreover, several netizens support the alleged couple. On various Korean online communities, they wrote:

"Let these young kids date!! The only people they regularly meet are others in the same industry, so who else would they date? It sucks that they can't freely date whoever they want ㅠ I wish them happy!!"

"A relationship between two of the world's biggest stars... that's amazing."

"Leave them alone. They are both human beings with their own feelings, just like us ~"

"Beautiful 😍 Such a lovely couple~! I support them ~~!"

"I wish them a happy relationship 😍"

"They are both so pretty ^^ I hope they get married 👏👏👏"

"At this point, it's pretty clear they want to make their relationship public, so why are their fans so adamant about not believing it?? ㅋㅋ They look so good together, I wish them happiness ❤️"

"I hope they get married... can you imagine a mix of their genes ㅠㅠㅠ the best face combo of all time."

"Just imagine choosing between your bias dating girls at the club and your bias dating Jennie from BLACKPINK... For real, I'm sorry, but you should be grateful he's dating Jennie."

"My bias had a pre-marital pregnancy... I think this is better."

"They are both huge stars, and they are so famous that the way they date is amazing."

On May 19 and 20, new videos allegedly showing the idol signing autographs in Paris took the internet by storm.

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