What does Çağatay Ulusoy pay attention to when choosing a project?

What does Çağatay Ulusoy pay attention to when choosing a project?

Çağatay Ulusoy, a well-known actor, recently spoke with Elle magazine about how he chooses his projects. In his latest series, Terzi, which premiered on Netflix, Ulusoy shared his perspective on selecting roles.

According to Ulusoy, he strives to choose characters that are exciting and challenging to portray, even if they are vastly different from his own personality. He looks for roles that will make him sweat with excitement and cause his heart to race. In terms of the story, Ulusoy believes that the realism and believability of the characters' interactions are crucial in determining whether or not he will accept a project. Ultimately, he is most interested in stories that captivate him and leaves him convinced of their authenticity.

Ulusoy's approach to selecting projects highlights the importance of finding roles that are both challenging and meaningful. As an actor, he is committed to bringing authenticity and depth to his performances, and he carefully considers each project to ensure that it aligns with his artistic vision.

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