Why did Cansu Dere turn down an offer of 14 million?

Why did Cansu Dere turn down an offer of 14 million?

Cansu Dere, a well-known actress, was recently offered a 14 million TL contract by a famous jewelry brand in Turkey to be the face of their new advertising campaign. However, the actress surprised the company officials by declining the offer. According to reports of Takvim, Dere did not want to represent a brand that sells expensive products during a time of economic crisis.

Furthermore, the terms of the contract, which included a clause stating that she could not wear jewelry from any other brand in her daily life or at private events and that she could not represent any other brand, did not sit well with Dere.

It is also rumored that Dere did not like the quality of the brand's products, which was another reason why she was not interested in the deal. Ultimately, Dere's decision to decline the offer highlights her commitment to her values and principles, and her unwillingness to compromise on them for financial gain.

Cansu Dere

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