Actor Emre Kıvılcım reveals unknowns: I wrote a farewell message, not a farewell letter! (full interview with Hakan GENCE)

Actor Emre Kıvılcım reveals unknowns: I wrote a farewell message, not a farewell letter! (full interview with Hakan GENCE)

While studying chemical engineering, he also took acting classes. He went to the set of his first movie by taking annual leave from his job. "I know the struggle I've put in for acting. But I never gave up," he says. Then, with his successive jobs, his fame exceeded the borders of the country. Now he is with us with 'Veda Mektubu' broadcasted on Kanal D. We met with Emre Kıvılcım, talked about his story, his life, and his experiences with being recognized. Kıvılcım says he received indecent proposals: "The most innocent one is a marriage proposal, let me put it that way."

Emre Kıvılcım resembles the character Mehmet he portrays in 'Veda Mektubu'; "I am also mature, I have a calm life, I like to live planned," he says. But besides these, he is very polite, warm, smiling, and excited. Although he says "Performance is the most important thing for me", he fully meets the criteria such as the brunette look and good physique sought by the screen. Let's start getting to know him closely...

◊ We haven't seen you much in the magazines, but you have many fans. You've even become the face of a brand in Indonesia...

The first series I played, 'Elif', was sold to approximately 45 countries. It lasted successfully for 3 years. Among the countries it was shown, it stood out a lot in Indonesia. I didn't think it would resonate so much until I went there, but I encountered a crowd there. Indonesia has a special place for me.

◊ What do you think is the reason for our series being loved so much abroad?

More real-life issues are addressed and our culture attracts people's attention. I think they find a lot from themselves. Turkey is indeed a country with a place in the world in terms of the industry.

◊ Women viewers adore you. Are you a leading man?

What does leading man mean?

◊ We can define it as a handsome male lead actor...

It may be classic, but I don't want to be a lead actor who exists solely with physical features. Some character actors perform so well that they can resonate more than the leads.

So the most important thing for me is always performance. I hope I will always be an actor who can improve himself.

◊ How much of your career do you think is talent, how much is appearance?

The acting profession is like life itself. In our lives, whatever our features are effective, we see them stand out in the industry. Of course, the audience always has the final say.

◊ Now we watch you in 'veda mektubu' broadcasted on Kanal D, in the character of Mehmet. Mehmet is a logical man. How much does he resemble you?

Mehmet is a mature, planned living, not very emotional, a workaholic character who makes logical decisions in his life. Also, he is someone who can give up everything for the person he loves and protect her even from himself when necessary. When I talked to our producer, I said that I resembled Mehmet a lot. I found overlapping points as I played.

◊ What kind of features resemble you?

I am also mature, I have a calm life, I like to live planned. I am very sensitive about work, I think I am not a person who behaves overly emotional in other matters. The happiness of the person I love has always been my priority. But in the series, Mehmet's life does not go as planned and he starts to live the moment, leaving himself to the flow of time unplanned, with emotions coming to the fore.

◊ Would you fight like this for love?

Of course, I would, we are from Malatya (laughs).

◊ Have you ever experienced such a love?

There was no situation that required me to struggle a lot. It progressed when left to time. Of course, sometimes you need to strive for the happiness of the other person. I fell in love, but I didn't chase anyone.

◊ Do you want someone in your life to chase after?

I already have someone in my life right now, so no.

I wrote a farewell message

◊ The character you portray takes his family against him for love. Can you be that brave?

Mehmet actually can't leave by drawing a line with his family. I guess I wouldn't take my family against me, but I wouldn't give up my love either. I would fight to bring the two together at a common point.

◊ Have you ever had a relationship that your family opposed?

No, my family usually finds out late. My mother generally knows everything. My father is the last to hear about things. I tell him when it gets serious.

◊ There is a farewell letter at the center of the series. Have you ever experienced such a separation?

I wrote a farewell message, not a farewell letter. I've had long-term relationships. When you break up, you don't just say "See you" and leave. A mutual explanation is needed. If you're going to do this after breaking up, it doesn't happen by calling, you do it via message. I've had messages where long explanations were written.

◊ You've been with actress Yulduz Rajabova for a while. Isn't it hard to pronounce her name?

She's Uzbek, and her name means star in Uzbek. So I call her Star.

◊ Your relationship started on a series set, didn't it?

Yes, we shot a project that was a Turkey-Uzbekistan co-production, telling the life of Celalettin Harzemşah, before the current project. She was my partner there.

◊ Was it love at first sight?

Of course, there was an interaction at first sight. She had come to Turkey for the series shootings. The pandemic started and she stayed here for 7-8 months. As we got to know each other during that period, our adventure began.

◊ Are you romantic?

I'm not very romantic, but I'm funny. I like to joke around, I become both a friend and a lover with my girlfriend. We meet each other's needs, so to speak.

◊ Ms. Yulduz lives in Uzbekistan. What is the effect of distance on love?

It's a tough process. But when you love, you overcome these. So when the time comes, you wait with open arms for situations that can be experienced.

◊ You are both actors. But there is also a cultural difference. Are there any jealousies? For example, we saw your baklavas in the first episode...

There is a bit of jealousy (laughs). In Uzbekistan, there are no kissing scenes or topless scenes in series. It's a system she's not very used to. Actually, she is in the process of getting used to it now. Joking aside, since Yulduz is also an actress, we easily overcome these.

Women always took the first step

◊ Have you always been handsome and attractive?

Am I handsome? Thank you. I guess I was noticeable at university. Now that I think about it, sometimes my friends would walk behind me; they would say "We deliberately walk behind you, they only notice us that way" (laughs). I wasn't very aware of this at the time. Of course, I didn't start acting because I was handsome.

◊ Do you have a flirtatious or womanizing side?

I'm not flirtatious, not at all a womanizer. I'm too straightforward to be flirtatious. Even if there's no one in my life and I'm impressed by someone, I've had years where I was too shy to speak at all. For example, I loved someone in high school. It ended without ever speaking.

◊ Really?

Yes, unfortunately, we didn't speak for 3-4 years because I was very shy. In my subsequent relationships, women always took the first step.

◊ You've chosen a tough profession for someone so shy...

When there's no camera, even when a photo shoot is being done outside, I'm actually a bit shy. But when there's a camera, a crew, a set, I feel like I'm at home and I relax. In this way, I overcome my shyness.

◊ You have many followers on social media. Do you get indecent proposals?

Of course, I do.

◊ If you were to rate it from 1 to 10. What level?

8-9 (laughs).

◊ What kind of proposals do you get?

The most innocent one is a marriage proposal, let's put it that way.

◊ Would you meet and be with someone from social media?


◊ You're from Malatya... Is your family there? How did the earthquake disaster affect you?

My family lives in Istanbul, we moved from Malatya to Istanbul when I was 10 years old. Some of my family still lives in Malatya. We also went through a very difficult process due to the earthquake. We didn't lose anyone, but no one from the family can still enter their home. They went through a great deal of psychological distress, and some have heavily damaged homes.

◊ I'm so sorry for your loss. So, what were your parents' professions?

My father is retired, my mother is a housewife. We are three siblings. I have a twin brother. He lives in Sydney, Australia. He's also male.

◊ Does he look like you?

We are fraternal twins. We don't look alike physically, but our voice tone, movements, and expressions are the same.

◊ They say that when one twin feels pain, the other feels it too. Is it really like that?

No, that's in identical twins, but being a twin is really different. It's not like a normal sibling. You're practically living for him, thinking about how you can be useful to him in every success. It's very strange.

◊ Actually, you're a chemical engineer. Where did acting come from?

I started during my university years. Then I took acting training while doing my profession. So, I entered this business without a manager.

◊ You took annual leave at work and went to play in your first movie. Is that true?

Yes, it really happened that way. I wasn't in a position to chase acting without working. I needed to earn money to continue my life. Every day I would leave work and go to a course in Cihangir in the evening. While continuing in this way, one day a film offer came. I took my annual leave and went to the set for the first time.

◊ Did your colleagues know you were going to play in a movie?

I told them "I'm going to Malatya". I had left the company when the film was released. A new project came right after. I started from the very bottom, all by myself. That's why every job I've done has been meaningful and has a place in my life.

◊ You also did a master's degree in occupational safety afterwards. But you left everything and chose acting. How did your family react?

80% of families want their child to have a guaranteed job... They don't want their children to take risks for their own good. But generally, after going to university, you start making decisions on your own, your life changes. They said to me, "Are you sure?" Because acting is a great unknown, it seems like a very cruel sector from the outside. I didn't experience disturbing events to an uncomfortable extent.

Never give up on your dreams

"I know the struggle I've given for acting. There were times when I had difficulties. But I never gave up. To those who are new to this profession, I can say 'Never give up on your dreams, everyone has their time, don't despair'."

source: hurriyet

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