Birce Akalay: I've never encountered such a bold crime

Birce Akalay: I've never encountered such a bold crime

Birce Akalay, a well-known actress, recently faced an attempted scam on social media by someone she believed to be a friend. The 38-year-old actress detected the fraud attempt just in time and shared her conversation with the cybercriminal on her Instagram account.

Birce Akalay and advertiser Ali Taran met at a venue in Etiler the other day. After chatting for a while, Akalay answered questions from reporters. She described the recent scam attempt as a bad experience: "We've been hearing about such incidents for years. 

Many of our friends have experienced it. We always pay attention, but I've never encountered such a comprehensive, bold crime where someone would impersonate another person and engage in conversation. It was a terrible experience for me. Everyone should be cautious."

According to Milliyet's news report, Birce Akalay, who recently wrapped up the season finale of the TV series 'As the Crow Flies,' plans to take a break for a while. She mentioned that she would be heading to Bodrum to join her family for a vacation.

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