Can Yaman, backstory: 'Demet Ozdemir would never forget him, marriage over'

Can Yaman, backstory: 'Demet Ozdemir would never forget him, marriage over'

Would Demet Ozdemir never have forgotten Can Yaman, the actor with whom she shared the set of the soap opera DayDreamer.

This is the sensational backstory reported in the pages of the weekly magazine edited by Riccardo Signoretti, related to one of the most beloved actors of Italian audiences.

In fact, for years now, Can Yaman has managed to hold the headlines not only with his work on the small screen but also with his love affairs that thrill audiences.

Demet ends his marriage: 'blame' Can Yaman?

In detail, Can and Demet were the protagonists of DayDreamer - The Wings of Dreaming, the Turkish soap that had achieved excellent ratings in Canale 5's afternoon segment.

A couple that had broken through the hearts of the public, and according to rumors circulating at the time of their artistic partnership, it seems that the two also had a love affair, which allegedly lasted about two years.

Rumors that the two people directly involved have never confirmed but neither denied even though, over the past few years, things have changed.

Backstory on Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir: she still would not have forgotten him

The beautiful Demet, last August, married actor Oguzhan Koc: at a special "Arabian Nights" party in Turkey that attracted the attention of magazines around the world.

Too bad, however, that the marriage between the two has already come to an end, and according to the behind-the-scenes reports circulating these hours, it would seem that the reason may also be related to Can Yaman.

Indeed, it is rumored that the beautiful Daydreamer actress would not be able to forget her Turkish colleague for good.

"Now that her marriage is over, there are many who think that somehow Can Yaman may have a hand in it," reads the pages of the magazine directed by Signoretti.

'Can and Demet's relationship lasted two years,' the backstory on the Daydreamer soap couple

" In fact, malignants murmur that Demet never managed to get over him. According to the Turkish press, the relationship between the two lasted as long as two years and ended due to lifestyles that were too different," the Italian magazine further continues.

In short, it would not be ruled out that the end of this marriage may have depended on the feeling that the beautiful Demet would still have for the Turkish star.

Waiting to find out how the situation will evolve and Gossip in the chorus in the coming weeks, soon Demet will return to television on Canale 5.

The Turkish actress will be the face and The Girl and the Officer, the new Turkish series that will air from June 9 onward in the evening slot.

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