Can Yaman, close to Demet Ozdemir? Daydreamer returns

Can Yaman, close to Demet Ozdemir? Daydreamer returns

Can Yaman will return to television with a much-loved TV show alongside Demet Ozdemir. Taking a break from the "Break the Wall Tour" he has dedicated himself to other commitments.

Turkish star Can Yaman will soon return to our screens with one of his most beloved TV shows for the audience. The international actor has taken a break from the "Break the Wall Tour" to take part in other projects he had been postponing for some time. Soon, he will also get closer to his fellow countrywoman Demet Ozdemir.

The "Break the Wall Tour," which began on March 9 in Rome, has been on hold for a few days. Can Yaman participated in two events on May 24, one at the Municipal Theater and the other at the Michelangelo Buonarroti Institute. The main goal was to teach young people the importance of proper nutrition.

Can Yaman returns with Demet Ozdemir in Daydreamer: here's when it's revealed

The Turkish star has paused for a few days with the dates of the charity initiative, which will resume on June 3 in Teramo and Tortoreto Lido, in Abruzzo. Last Saturday, he was at Mondadori Duomo for the signing of his novel "Sembra strano anche a me" (It Seems Strange to Me Too), which was attended by hundreds of enthusiastic fans. Soon, however, the actor's followers will have the chance to see him again on their screens.

For those who haven't noticed, since last Monday, May 29, 2023, the famous Turkish soap opera Daydreamer - Le ali del sogno (Daydreamer - The Wings of the Dream) has returned to TV in reruns on La5. The timeless TV series stars two famous stars like Can Yaman and Demet Ozdemir. From Monday to Friday, the series will air every day at 6:05 pm with three episodes. This is great news for soap opera fans.

When her parents urge her to find a suitable job for her, like her sister Leyla's, Sanem shows up at the advertising agency unaware that the job will change her life forever. That's where she will meet her new boss Can, with whom an immediate attraction will spark. Daydreamer - Le ali del sogno will air from Monday to Friday on La5 with three episodes per day.

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