Can Yaman, a die-hard fan of Vasco: crazy videos from the concert!

Can Yaman, a die-hard fan of Vasco: crazy videos from the concert!

Over the weekend, two Vasco Rossi concerts were held at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. Among the VIP guests was Turkish star Can Yaman, as well as an Italian football star.

In recent days, two concerts with double dates by Vasco Rossi were held in Rome. Among the VIP guests at the concert was a surprise appearance by Turkish star Can Yaman. After last year's performance at the Circus Maximus, the national Blasco returns to the capital with two spectacular events that saw the participation of more than 100,000 spectators.

Can Yaman present at Vasco: many VIPs at the concert at the Olympic

The 71-year-old singer Vasco Rossi returned to perform at the Olympic Stadium with two concerts on Friday, June 16, and Saturday, June 17, 2023. Tickets for the two unmissable stages of Vasco Live sold out several months ago. Those who managed to get tickets enjoyed a unique show.

The national Blasco returned to perform in the capital with some of his most successful songs, but also with some lesser-known pieces loved only by his most loyal fans.

"Rome is Rome, I always feel good here. I breathe its air: that west wind, here, has always brought me good luck. It may have its criticisms. Who doesn't. But for me, it will always be the eternal city, our international capital. Majestic, rich in history and its greatness."

This is how singer Vasco Rossi had anticipated his return to the Eternal City for the double date. Over the two evenings, the arrival of over 120,000 spectators at the Olympic Stadium was expected. The event is a must for the singer's most die-hard fans. The unmissable concert was also followed by several figures from the entertainment world.

The former Captain of Roma, Francesco Totti, immortalized his presence at the concert on his Instagram profile. The footballer shared a video of "Ogni volta", a memory for his yellow-red fans in memory of the championship won in 2001. Along with the historic sportsman was also his partner Noemi Bocchi and another beloved Roman singer: Ultimo.

However, lovers of fiction will not have missed another super guest present at Blasco's concert, international star Can Yaman. The Turkish star let it be known that he was present at the concert with some members of his staff. The star of Viola come il mare admitted to being a fan of the singer from Modena and accompanied the selfie at the Olympic with a funny caption. "It seems strange to me too...", he wrote on his social profiles. In his stories, there is a video of the concert rehearsals not yet started.

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