Can Yaman Finds Love After Diletta Leotta: Who is the New Flame

Can Yaman Finds Love After Diletta Leotta: Who is the New Flame

Can Yaman is among the most followed actors in recent times. His love life is always at the center of gossip pages. His relationship with Diletta Leotta was highly discussed, but now it seems he has found love again.

Can Yaman is one of the most followed actors of late. Having gained fame with the TV dramas Daydreamer - Wings of the Dream and Viola come il mare, he quickly rose to popularity. As one of the most sought-after artists at the moment, his love life is often a topic of interest. His relationship with Diletta Leotta was once the talk of the town, but now it seems the actor has found love again.

Turkish star Can Yaman is among the most sought-after artists right now. Following the success of the Turkish drama Daydreamer - Wings of the Dream, he starred in the Lux Vide-produced TV series Viola come il mare. The show has been confirmed for a second season, and filming for the new episodes will begin in Palermo on July 3rd.

Can Yaman Finds Love After Diletta Leotta: Not a Celebrity!

During the months he was away from work, the actor didn't take a break but embarked on a charitable project, the "Break the Wall Tour." The tour is traveling around Italy in collaboration with an association of which the star is a co-founder. The goal is to help young people overcome their social discomfort. Yaman has a deep connection with Italy, where he has been working for years.

Italy has also been the place where he has found love multiple times. For the first time in 2021, while working on an advertisement for the De Cecco company, the star met Diletta Leotta. The two were immediately caught together by tabloid photographers outside a hotel. Shortly after, the official confirmation of their relationship arrived, albeit rather coldly. The actor shared a picture of them together, accompanied by a simple caption: "My business. Period."

Despite their extreme privacy, newspapers still managed to gain insights into the couple's life with Dazn presenter Diletta Leotta. At the time, a "scandal" arose when a photo of a kiss between Diletta Leotta and Roma's vice president Ryan Friedkin circulated. The image was passed off as new and caused quite a stir. Although Yaman never commented on the matter, their relationship quickly took a nosedive.

Since their breakup, the star's name has been linked to various co-stars and women in the entertainment world, such as colleague Francesca Chillemi and actress Francesca Del Fa. The relationships were quickly denied, but now the name of a new flame has emerged. 

She is said to be a young Milanese woman who is not part of the entertainment world but has a sizable following on social media. At the moment, there have been no confirmations with the young woman, named Giorgia Colombo. The actor does not follow her account, but the girl's account has many Can Yaman fan profiles.

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