Can Yaman Furious on Instagram: You Make Everything Up!

Can Yaman Furious on Instagram: You Make Everything Up!

Can Yaman has expressed his annoyance at those who enjoy spreading gossip about his private life. Recently, there has been talk of a new flame, but the actor has denied everything.

Turkish star Can Yaman has shown his complete annoyance at people who enjoy spreading gossip about his private life. In recent days, news circulated that the actor had found a new flame, an Italian influencer. However, on social media, he effectively denied everything, and the reference to his ex, Diletta Leotta, did not go unnoticed.

The lead actor of "Viola come il mare" has been a mainstay in gossip pages for years. As often happens, however, the news circulating about him often turns out to be false. Yesterday, the star spoke out directly on social media, sharing an Instagram story in which he denied what had been reported just a few days earlier by Dagospia.

Can Yaman, angry on social media: "You invent imaginary girlfriends"

The website had reported a new flame for Can Yaman, Milanese influencer Giorgia Colombo. The girl was said to be unknown in the entertainment world but with a large following on social media. It seems that the actor has had enough and decided to speak out personally to deny the rumors about him. "Invented girlfriends, if I had one, I would have let you know," he admitted.

"You are really ridiculous with all these invented girlfriends, it's not true. When I found one, you did everything to ruin it by bombarding everyone with theories that it was a fake story."

The Turkish star's outburst begins like this, with a probable reference to his relationship with Dazn presenter Diletta Leotta. The two were always at the center of gossip pages, and their story was so talked about that it created insurmountable friction between them. While the two seemed to be on the verge of marriage, they suddenly broke up, breaking the hearts of thousands of fans.

"Now that I've struggled to distance myself from the gossip world, you create fake girlfriends and want to make people believe they are real," the actor continued. He then revealed that if he ever finds one, he will be the one to announce it. The actor continued his rant, noting that this only brings visibility to some people when, in reality, the focus could be on the good things the Turkish star is doing, like the "Break the Wall Tour." In conclusion, he thanked the fans who only believe what he says and not the gossip circulating about him.

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