Can Yaman reveals his "great love" on social media: here's who it is

Can Yaman reveals his "great love" on social media: here's who it is

Can Yaman has stopped hiding his new love. Very close to his fans, he couldn't hide from them what he truly feels: the revelation is surprising.

The beloved Turkish actor and model Can Yaman has stopped hiding. Lately, he is often showing his new love on his social media profiles. Always adored by his fans for his big heart, his courtesy and politeness, he works hard for his supporters by always being available. He couldn't hide from them what he truly feels...

Can Yaman, here is his "great love": you will never believe it!

Can Yaman is a real star, despite always remaining simple and down-to-earth. Always extremely courteous and polite with everyone, he never denies a greeting, a photo or an autograph to his fans. Since last March 9, the actor has been involved with the "Break the Wall Tour", a charitable initiative undertaken with the association of which he is a co-founder to help young people overcome their social discomforts.

However, the commitments of the leading actor do not end here. Recently, the star also held a book signing in Milan for his first book, which was a great success. Moreover, since last fall he has finished filming the Disney Plus TV series, El Turco. In addition, from mid-July, the shooting of the second season of Viola come il mare should begin, which will air in 2024. The actor will return to play the role of Inspector Francesco Demir, while Francesca Chillemi will return to play Viola Vitale.

For some time there has also been talk of a possible liaison between the two actors, but as Yaman himself confirmed, there has never been anything between them. The actor has often asked his fans on social media to be kind to his colleague and not to write nastiness about her. The Turkish star, however, continues to profess himself single, as he said he is extremely committed to his work to devote himself to a love story.

Can is definitely engaged to his work. His greatest love, however, seems to be another: sport. The actor trains every day and is crazy about warrior training, which he got into while working on the series El Turco. The result is highly appreciated by his fans who can't wait to see his sculpted physique. Flying kicks, yoga, balance and endurance exercises: the more the merrier. The star doesn't stop anymore and has made workout the main focus of his days. His followers couldn't be happier!(video)

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