Can Yaman sends fans into a frenzy: the day is memorable!

Can Yaman sends fans into a frenzy: the day is memorable!

Can Yaman experienced a memorable day in Fiuggi. The event was part of the "Break the Wall Tour" and focused on the theme of proper nutrition.

Turkish star Can Yaman had a day that turned out to be a success. The occasion was dedicated to raising awareness on an important issue for young people: proper nutrition. The event was part of the "Break the Wall Tour," a charity initiative aimed at helping teenagers overcome their mental distress.

The Buonarroti hotel institute in Fiuggi experienced a truly memorable day. The famous actor from Viola come il mare (Purple Like the Sea), Can Yaman, was a guest at the facility. Accompanying him was one of the best multi-starred chefs, Heinz Beck. A conference on the theme "Adolescence and Proper Nutrition" took place in the morning at the city's municipal theater, attended by the two guests.

Can Yaman, fans in a frenzy for the project on proper nutrition

Together with the actor and the chef, the medical staff of the Institute of Child Neuropsychiatry of the Umberto I Policlinic in Rome also participated. The group gathered to discuss eating disorders, which are very common among young people. The lack of communication on the subject between teenagers and the adults close to them is one of the causes that increase the discomfort of those living with these conditions. The goal was to raise awareness on the topic of proper nutrition by supporting a fundamental principle.

Having a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are the foundations for good health that can help young people in their growth process. Some industry experts participated in the event at the Buonarroti Institute. Among them were nutritionist Professor Francesco Pisani, Head of the Institute of Child Neuropsychiatry of the Umberto I Policlinic in Rome, Dr. Arianna Terrinoni, and Professor Gerardo Dalbon, Technology Director of De Cecco.

After the conference, Turkish star Can Yaman and award-winning chef Heinz Beck mingled with the audience outside the theater for greetings, occasional selfies, and autograph signing. Later, the two moved inside the school premises for lunch and to conduct a cooking show on pasta. The students were phenomenal: they showed great professionalism, commitment, and collaboration with the celebrities.

The day was made possible by the synergy between the Can Yaman for Children Association, the De Cecco company, the Municipality of Fiuggi Department of Culture and Delegate for Public Education, and Radio Centro Fiuggi. The traveling project "Break the Wall Tour" started on March 9 in Rome and is aimed at Italian teenagers to support them in their growth processes, addressing issues and youth loneliness, with a broader look at their future.

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