Diletta Leotta Caught Up in Ex Can Yaman's Emotional Social Media Outburst!

Diletta Leotta Caught Up in Ex Can Yaman's Emotional Social Media Outburst!

Diletta Leotta has been at the center of gossip for quite some time. A famous ex from her past has reappeared in her life, making a clear reference to their story.

For years, Diletta Leotta has been the focus of tabloid news. Her pregnancy was the subject of discussion for weeks until, finally, the Dazn host confirmed it alongside her partner Loris Karius. However, an ex from her past seems to be reappearing in her life, making clear references to their history.

Diletta Leotta, Ex Can Yaman Speaks About Her

The Dazn host is experiencing one of the best moments of her life. Seven months pregnant, she is expecting her baby girl on August 16th, which coincides with her birthday. Her love story with Loris Karius is going strong, and the couple appears more united and in love than ever. Those who have followed Diletta Leotta for a while may remember another relationship with a celebrity.

We must go back to the summer of 2021 when the Dazn host was romantically linked to Turkish star Can Yaman. The couple was immediately at the center of gossip pages, attracting paparazzi attention wherever they went. Suddenly, however, rumors of infidelity surfaced. Overnight, photos emerged of a kiss between the sports journalist and Ryan Friedkin.

The couple silenced the gossip by appearing happy and smiling during a romantic weekend in Capri. Later, it was revealed that the photos of the kiss with Friedkin dated back to the previous December when the flirtation with Can Yaman had not yet begun. Nevertheless, the relationship between the Turkish star and the Dazn host did not last long, and the two announced their separation.

Now, however, the actor is talking about his ex in a lengthy emotional outburst on Instagram. After years, his name is still on everyone's lips, but rarely do the circulating rumors about his relationships turn out to be true. Recently, the gossip world had attributed a flirtation with a Milanese influencer, Giorgia Colombo, to Yaman, who wanted to deny the news.

"You are truly ridiculous with all these invented girlfriends, but it's not true. Never has been. When I had a real one, you did everything to ruin her by bombarding everyone with theories that it was a fake thing. Now that I've made a huge effort to distance myself from the gossip world, you create all these fake girlfriends and want to make people believe they are real. Bah. I assure you if I had a serious one, I would have let you know."

The reference to the past relationship with Diletta Leotta has not escaped anyone. Will the host respond in some way to his words? For her, the relationship with Can Yaman seems to be a distant memory now.

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