Hande Erçel overflowed with tenderness in a princess dress

Hande Erçel overflowed with tenderness in a princess dress

Hande Erçel appears from time to time on social media, but the moment she chooses to upload any type of content generates great joy among her 30 million followers who are eagerly awaiting what the actress has to celebrate, promote, or simply show, whether it's related to her work or something from her personal life. In the last few hours, she shared a short-duration post on Instagram with pure simplicity.

In the only short-duration post that could be seen in her stories, Hande Erçel was seen wearing a white dress with ruffled sleeves, her hair partially pulled back, and an emoji of a face covering its mouth on the side, while electro-house music could be heard in the background.

Moments before

Following each of the actress's steps, her fans ingeniously search for every detail in which Hande is involved, and one of the fan accounts @heali24 replicated one of her moments with one of her friends during a very special time.

In the photograph taken by one of those present, Hande was seen wearing a basic white tank top, military green pants, a braid on each side, and celebrating the news that Dilara, one of her close friends, would soon say "yes" with a kiss on the cheek.

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