Hazal Subaşı commented on her new love interest

Hazal Subaşı commented on her new love interest

Hazal Subaşı was caught on camera last week with her new boyfriend Atakan Başsavcı as they were leaving a venue in Etiler. The couple was shocked by the flashing cameras and experienced a brief moment of panic.

The famous actress was spotted again the day before yesterday in Nişantaşı. She answered journalists' questions after shopping at a clothing store.

"I came here for shopping. Now I'm going home," said Hazal Subaşı, mentioning that she had gained weight and recently started a diet. She used the following expressions: "I had to say goodbye to my favorite dishes because I need to go on a diet. Other than that, I won't be able to take many vacations this summer. I will be part of a period drama, and we have shooting schedules. I won't reveal the names; let it be a surprise."

Regarding being seen with Aras Bulut İynemli's cousin Atakan Başsavcı for the first time, the actress responded to journalists' "It was a surprise" comment with a smile, saying, "It was a surprise for you, but not for me."

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