Miray Daner Opens Up About Her Breakup with Oğulcan Engin

Miray Daner Opens Up About Her Breakup with Oğulcan Engin

Actress Miray Daner recently addressed her breakup with Oğulcan Engin, son of Seda Sayan, ending their long-term relationship. The couple's split had been rumored to be a result of infidelity. However, during a recent event, Daner responded to press questions, confirming the end of their relationship and dismissing the allegations of infidelity. She emphasized that their decision to part ways was mutual and based on a thoughtful discussion.

Following speculations and rumors surrounding their breakup, Miray Daner, the young actress, confronted the media during an event, shedding light on the truth behind her split from Oğulcan Engin. Confirming the end of their relationship, Daner categorically denied the allegations of infidelity that had been circulating.

Addressing the question of whether infidelity played a role in their breakup, Daner firmly stated that their decision to separate had nothing to do with third parties. She clarified that the couple had mutually discussed their situation and concluded that it would be more appropriate to part ways. Their separation was a result of a joint agreement reached after careful consideration.

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