Viola come il mare with Can Yaman, Chillemi Breaks the Silence: 'Happy to Resume'

Viola come il mare with Can Yaman, Chillemi Breaks the Silence: 'Happy to Resume'

Francesca Chillemi breaks the silence on Viola come il mare, the Mediaset TV series in which she will star alongside Can Yaman.

Following the success of the first season, the two actors are gearing up for a second round. The commercial TV network's executives have decided to continue investing in this product, with a cycle of new episodes set to air during the upcoming television season, eagerly anticipated by fans.

Great Expectations for New Episodes of Viola come il mare  with Can Yaman and Chillemi

Spoilers for Viola come il mare reveal that the duo of Can Yaman and Francesca Chillemi will reunite.

At the end of the first season's broadcast, there were rumors of possible disagreements between the two lead actors, casting doubt on the series' future.

To the delight of fans, however, this risk seems to have been averted: the second season of the drama featuring the Yaman-Chillemi couple is confirmed for prime time on the flagship network, and the former Miss Italy herself has broken the silence.

Francesca Chillemi Breaks the Silence on Viola come il mare: 'Happy to Resume'

In one of her latest interviews, Francesca Chillemi confirmed that she will soon be back on set for filming and, as with the first season, will have the opportunity to shoot in Sicily as well.

"I'm starting the second season of Viola Like the Sea, we begin in July. I have just a few days left, and then I'll be on set for six months, full-time," Chillemi revealed, breaking the silence on the future of the prime-time TV series set to air on Canale 5 in 2024.

"I'm happy to resume," continued the actress, who also stars in the Rai drama Che Dio ci aiuti, where she plays Azzurra.

'Grateful for All of This,' Francesca Chillemi on the Success of Viola come il mare  on TV

"We'll be shooting in Sicily again, going to Palermo. I think around late September/October. Because the summer month is a bit difficult to manage," the actress added, discussing the filming of the second season, which will span six months.

Regarding the success of the TV series in which she stars alongside Can Yaman, the actress admitted to being grateful for the public's love.

"Every time I do a series, I think about dedicating myself as much as possible and putting in the maximum effort. Of course, the result has come, and I am grateful for all of this," the former Miss Italy added, ready to dive headfirst into this new television adventure.

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