Can Yaman, Demet's Return to Italy: A Rekindled Flame?

Can Yaman, Demet's Return to Italy: A Rekindled Flame?

Can Yaman will soon return to the set for the second season of "Viola come il mare." However, news has surfaced that one of his old flames may also be returning to Italy. How will the actor react? Many are hoping for a rekindled flame between the two.

Turkish heartthrob Can Yaman is currently dedicating himself to intense training at the gym, preparing for one of his upcoming projects: the long-awaited television series "Sandokan." Yaman will be portraying the role of the Tiger of Malaysia. Before embarking on this adventure, though, the filming for the second season of "Viola come il mare" is set to begin in just a few weeks.

His co-star, Francesca Chillemi, has already received the script for the first episode of the second season. However, Yaman himself has remained silent, and it is still uncertain if and when he will be on set, reprising his role as Chief Police Inspector Francesco Demir. In the meantime, a development has emerged that could change everything.

Several years ago, Yaman starred in a Turkish soap opera called "Daydreamer," which became beloved by European audiences. The on-screen chemistry between Yaman and Demet Ozdemir was undeniable, and many people believed it extended off-screen as well. However, the two actors always avoided defining their relationship. Nevertheless, the paparazzi managed to catch them in suspicious situations more than once. Now, after several years, Ozdemir has returned to Italy.

Demet Ozdemir is one of the most beloved Turkish actresses, especially known for her role as Sanem Aydin in the soap opera "Daydreamer." The series gained popularity in Turkey and Europe, particularly in Italy, where it became a success on Canale 5. After a long absence from the small screen, Ozdemir is returning to Italy with the soap opera "My Home My Destiny," based on a true story.

The story revolves around Zeynep, a young woman from humble origins who was adopted by an affluent family and discovers the truth about her childhood just as she is about to enter into an arranged marriage. With this new soap opera, Demet Ozdemir may also return to Italy as a guest on "Verissimo." At that point, how will Can Yaman react? We will have to wait for further news to see if the two will attempt to reconnect or not.

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