Can Yaman is training hard in the gym, the Turkish star is a perfect Sandokan! (VIDEO)

Can Yaman is training hard in the gym, the Turkish star is a perfect Sandokan! (VIDEO)

Can Yaman doesn't have a moment of rest and dedicates many hours to exercises in the gym, thus transforming himself into the perfect Sandokan.

Can Yaman's tough gym workouts continue, determined to show his best physical form in view of the filming of Sandokan, the remake of the cult TV series of the same name, which will see him in the role of the charming Tiger of Malaysia. The Turkish star, sweaty and sexy as ever, shares on Instagram what he is learning from the professionals who follow him on the fight choreographies.

Can Yaman ready to "fight", here's what he wrote on Instagram

Can Yaman is preparing to immerse himself in the best possible way in the role of Sandokan, taking the helm of Kabir Bedi in the remake of the homonymous television series of the seventies. The Turkish star intends to test himself with always different roles, and indeed in the last year he has shown his versatile skills by accepting the role of Francesco Demir in viola come il mare; then he flew to Hungary where he had to quickly forget about being a sexy and dark chief inspector, in order to impersonate the Ottoman leader Balaban Hasan, the protagonist of the new series soon available on Disney +, El Turco, set during the historic assault on Vienna.

Now, Can is dedicated to the Sandokan project and to his fans, so to speak, combining the useful with the enjoyable. Knowing how much his admirers care about the idea of meeting him and being able to admire him live, asking for autographs and some stolen kisses, Can has decided to establish the Break The Wall Tour, presenting himself in the major Italian cities and thus raising funds for his association in favor of sick children, the Can Yaman for Children in collaboration with the Umberto I hospital in Rome.

In the meantime, Yaman sweats and trains as much as he can and indeed it is impossible to deny that his physical form lately borders on perfection with defined muscles, a wide and massive abdomen and a perfect V instead of abs. To testify to the new techniques he is learning from his trainers, in order to simulate real fights on the set of Sandokan, the new Tiger of Malaysia has posted an insane video, which portrays him while fighting with invisible enemies in a fighting choreography that promises to bring joy to viewers. Immediate rain of likes, even if it is not the first time that Yaman tilts the web with his videos.

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