Can Yaman, will he drop out of Viola come il mare ? All the details.

Can Yaman, will he drop out of Viola come il mare ? All the details.

Fans of Can Yaman are eagerly anticipating seeing the actor on the small screen in the role of Police Inspector Francesco Demir. However, according to rumors, he may not be returning to his role in "Viola come il mare."

For years, Can Yaman has won the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. Many are eagerly waiting to see the actor once again on the small screen as Police Inspector Francesco Demir. However, there are indications that the Turkish star may not be returning to his role in "Viola come il mare."

Is Can Yaman dropping out? All the details about "Viola come il mare" season 2.

The cameras are starting to roll, and the wait for "Viola come il mare" fans is finally over. The filming for the new season has begun, bringing back that magic that enchanted the audience on Canale 5. Actress Francesca Chillemi, the protagonist, has already informed fans that she is returning to play Viola Vitale.

The uncertainty currently revolves around the beloved Turkish star, Can Yaman. Although his fans can't wait to see him once again in the role of Chief Police Inspector Francesco Demir, the actor seems distant from the project, increasingly uninterested in the Canale 5 universe. There is a worrying rumor circulating that the actor is no longer involved in the project.

The light crime fiction series "Viola come il mare" on Canale 5 has captured the hearts of the audience. It has managed to captivate attention both for its compelling plot and the strong chemistry between Yaman and Francesca Chillemi. The two demonstrated a strong on-screen chemistry and camaraderie, and for months, rumors circulated that there might be something more between them in real life.

At the Venice Film Festival, the two seemed so close that it was presumed there was a certain connection between them. However, suddenly, things took a cold turn. Can Yaman distanced himself from his colleague, even on social media, effectively putting an end to gossip about their alleged relationship. However, in recent hours, a piece of news has raised suspicions: Francesca Chillemi posted a photo of the script for the second season of "Viola come il mare."

But if the former Miss Italy is already ready for the start of filming and has shown her enthusiasm, where is the interest of the Turkish star? His indifference casts doubt on his participation in the project. Will Police Chief Inspector Francesco Demir be replaced by a new face? 

It would be very difficult to imagine another actor in the role of the character loved by Canale 5 fans. One thing is certain, the actor is diligently training at the gym every day for his role in "Sandokan," where he will portray the Tiger of Malaysia.

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