Czn Burak sues his father for fraud and exploitation

Czn Burak sues his father for fraud and exploitation

The lawsuit filed by Czn Burak, a famous Turkish chef and social media star, accuses his father, Mehmet Özdemir, of fraud and exploitation. 

The lawsuit alleges that Özdemir used his son's name and brand to obtain loans, contracts, and business deals without his son's knowledge or consent. 

It also alleges that Özdemir mismanaged and embezzled funds from Czn Burak's restaurants, causing financial losses and reputational damage. 

Czn Burak is seeking compensation for the damages caused by his father's actions, as well as an injunction to prevent him from using his name or likeness in any way. 

Czn Burak said in a statement that he was "deeply hurt and betrayed" by his father, who he had always looked up to and respected. He said he hoped to resolve the matter as soon as possible and focus on his passion for cooking and serving his customers.

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